Our Story

The Maray story began in the summer of 2014, inspired by our experiences in vibrant district of Le Marais, Paris. We serve food inspired by the flavours of the Middle East alongside incredible wine and bold, delicious cocktails.

We care about making people happy and doing things the right way, and we endeavour to deliver exceptional experiences to our guests on a daily basis.

Above all else, we want you to have fun.


Running a sustainable restaurant is important to us at Maray, we see it as our responsibility and as part of our purpose to ensure we are doing things in the best way we possibly can. By choosing to eat with us, you as our guests are helping us become a better business.


We became certified carbon neutral in November 2021. The first in many steps towards us ultimately becoming a carbon net zero company. We work with Carbon Neutral Britain to measure and offset our emissions through the Carbon Neutral Britain Woodland Fund, which supports global reforestation, deforestation prevention and woodland management projects, with a strong focus on having a positive impact on the local wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

Our sustainability commitment

We began working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association in 2018, joining a diverse and forward-thinking group of. restaurants that want to improve how they operate and were awarded our second star (of a possible three) in December 2021.

We have committed to improving our practices in how we source our food, including supporting global farmers, sourcing fish responsibly and serving more veg & better meat. We’ve committed to improving our impact on society by treating our staff fairly, and supporting the community. Finally we have committed to improving our impact on our environment by switching to green energy, reducing how much food we waste, and recycling more.

Our Water

We work closely with EauVation filtered water systems to reduce water packaging waste, every bottle used to package water takes more than 450 years to bio-degrade. Our filtered water systems eradicate the need for plastic packaging and offer an eco-friendly alternative to serve fresh, filtered water right from the local water supply instead.


We love working with good people, they make our business what it is and enable us to deliver exceptional experiences to our guests every day. It is hard work, we set high standards and we aim to be the best we can be every day. Our culture is founded on four key values; Care, Growth, Brilliance and Fun.